General Myths About Root Canal Treatment

General Myths About Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment in Albuquerque, a procedure to treat infected or diseased tooth, becomes essential when the pulp is infected or inflamed because of bad crown, decay or a crack in the tooth. If left unnoticed, the infection may become the worst and required further surgical intervention. Now let’s know some of the most common myths about root canal treatment.

A Root Canal Destroys the Tooth.
A root canal does not destroy a tooth, but cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth to allow it to heal. With 95% success rate according to the research performed by American Association of Endodontist, the natural tooth can live for a long time without any other therapy or treatment.

Does it need Several Visits to any Dental Cinic?
Root canal treatment needs 1 to 3 visits and it will depend on the condition of the tooth.

It Results in Illness.
In the past it was believed by common people that root canal procedures resulted in other illnesses all over the body. Actually, these treatments are performed to eradicate bad bacteria from the infected mouth.

It is Painful.
Virtually, it is a pain-free treatment. Actually, root canal treatment relieves pain because it eliminates the pulp, the source of pain. Latest advancements in tools, technology, training, equipment, and anesthesia make it painless.

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