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Great Staff! Great clinic! I found the staff to be very friendly and the technology they used to be amazing! -Debra

Elite Laboratories

We know there are differences in craftsmanship. Instead of outsourcing your lab work, we select only the best LOCAL laboratories for your cases ensuring optimal results and quick return times

Cerec – Same Day Crowns

A dental crown restores strength and function to a seriously damaged tooth. Traditional crowns require a two-appointment procedure: one for preparation and impressions, and then another for placing the restoration over the prepared tooth. Your time is important, though, and we want to make restorative care convenient for you. With our state-of-the-art CEREC unit, our doctors can provide you with a solid, aesthetically pleasing crown in just a single appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Digital Radiography is the safest way to take x-rays. It reduces your exposure up to 90% and provides a clearer image. This technology allows us to magnify and shade images to find cavities that may otherwise be hiding. We will display your x-ray on the LCD screen and explain your individual treatment plan

Non Latex Products

Non latex products minimize exposure and provide a superior level of safety for our patients with latex allergies.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Tiny digital cameras fit comfortably inside your mouth and enable the dentist to show you an enlarged image of your teeth.

Magnification Loupes

Both the doctors and the hygienists use magnifying telescopes to improve their ability to see the fine details of your teeth. The telescopes can magnify from 2.5 – 5 times for enhanced visibility.