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How To Floss

You always brush twice a day, avoid sugary snacks between meals, and go to the dentist regularly. Do you still have to floss your teeth? The short answer: Yes, at least once a day. Flossing is probably your single most important weapon against plaque, the clingy bacterial biofilm that sticks to the ...
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Oral Hygiene for Kids

Teeth can last a lifetime if you take care of them right — and the best time to start is just as soon as they begin appearing. By establishing good oral hygiene routines for your children right from the start, you’ll give them the best chance of keeping their teeth healthy — forever. Tooth dec...
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Healthy Teeth on Thanksgiving Day

Keep your teeth healthy on Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving Day is one of my most favorite holidays. Enjoying that scrumptious dinner with family, watching the Detroit Lions play football and taking the day to remember all of the things we are most thankful for. It’s a day to gain perspective on wha...
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